Collection: Deux Lions

Deux Lions Jewelry is run by a brother sister duo driven by nature’s wild beauty and fierce beings. Inspired by the divine power of feminine forces found within Indigenous, Ancient Roman, and Egyptian cultures. The raw shapes and imperfections of nature guide their effortless designs, alongside their grandmother’s jewelry and old poetry books..

Charlotte studied metal smithing in Brooklyn, then came home to Montreal where she founded Deux Lions, naming the company after her two lion sized brothers. Her younger one, Alex, joined the team as co-owner soon after, launching the men’s line, Deux Lions Homme. Alex's studies in metal smithing quickly surpassed his sister's, becoming the driving force behind the company's production. Charlotte is also in a band based in LA, where she shoots all the lookbooks and simultaneously records music in line with the brand's spirit and soul. The music is called Pijama and it’s the perfect soundtrack to the brand image.